Charis Farms

Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Montana

When our family found out we were intolerant to cows milk I searched out goats milk at our local health food store. I was not impressed. There were no organic, all natural, or grassfed options, and what they had was very "goaty". Then the idea came to have a few milk goats. I was drawn to the Nigerian Dwarf. This little animal unlike the pygmy retained the proportions of a full size goat, had an impressive amount of milk for it's small size, and was reportedly known for a mild sweet milk high in butterfat. The does despite their small stature produce 2 to 4 1/2 quarts of milk a day. After doing some research and spending time in prayer we purchased two first freshening registered Nigerian does from a local breeder. We fell in love with their kind gentle dispositions and big personalities. Then we tasted their sweet creamy milk and we were hooked. We enjoyed them and their babies so much we decided to begin raising them for breeding stock. Both my husband and I have come from cattle ranching backgrounds so it was to the amusement of our families that we began raising miniature dairy goats. Taking our combined backgrounds in animal husbandry we knew we wanted to have productive, functional, goats. Quickly we found out how important it was to have large plumb teats that are easy to milk. We also have strived to find and breed the unique refined look of a champion dairy animal. As you look through our pedigrees you will find many Champion and Grand Champion titles as well as does who have excelled in milk testing. But be assured you will also find sound, productive, sweet tempered goats. We are pleased to offer what we feel to be a collecting of some of the best genetics in the country.