This impressive ram came to us from Creeks Edge. As a direct son from South Ram's Bogi this ram exhibits tremendous growth and thickness. We will try to get some pictures with the ewes this spring, he is even bigger than he looks. His lambs will be very exciting to watch grow this spring.

Darius's Sire Direct Bogi Son.

Darius's very Milky Dam

Bogi 2's Dam




In Icelandic Signar means blessed. This beautiful boy came to us from Creeks edge, he has a very soft and lustrous fleece. An own son of South Ram's Sigufari he's very correct in his feet and legs and has a powerful chest.  He also has a lovely disposition. His lambs will begin arriving in March

Signar's Dam-  Ljomi daughter

Bogi 2

Icelandic Rams

Thank you Creek's Edge for the use of your pictures

Logn's Dam

Darius comes from very milky lines both from his mother and his sire's dam. He is a grandson of Bogi himself and in shows in his wide chest and top. He is very correct in his feet and legs. A very pretty solid moorit boy we'll get pictures of him this spring. He does have small scurs.

Charis Farms

In Icelandic Logn means calm wind. He showed impressive growth as a ram lamb last year. He comes from very milky lines and has an impressively thick chest and top. We have several first time ewes carrying his lambs. I need to get a good picture of him, he's a striking boy with his soft white fleece and black goggles. Logn has a nice disposition and has been very easy to work with. His twin sister Adaldis can be seen on our ewes page, she was the growthiest ewe lamb last year. 

Thank you Creek's Edge for the use of your pictures

Thank you Dancing Aspen for letting us use your beautiful pictures