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Icelandic Lamb has it's own delicate flavor that can be a welcome change to your palette from mainstream meats. From simple to gourmet there are a lot of wonderful recipes to add variety to your table, while giving your family highly nutritious meat. Lamb is a great mainstay for Holidays but check out our Lamb Recipes for quick and easy dinner and lunch ideas!

Grassfed  Meat in Montana

Grassfed Goat

Boar Goats are a double muscled breed of goat bred primarily for meat production and hardiness. Boer meat has a mild veal like flavor and is quickly being embraced for it's health benefits. Boer meat is very low in saturated fat. The USDA reports it is roughly 60% lower in saturated fat than beef and roughly 40% lower than chicken. Alexander the Great was reported to enjoy roasted leg of goat after his victories.

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Grassfed Lamb

Icelandic Sheep are one of the oldest and purest breeds of sheep in the world. They are a mountain breed which are known to be leaner and milder in flavor than the lowland breeds. With it's lean European style carcass, fine grain, tenderness and mild flavor Icelandic lamb is renowned as a gourmet meat. It is even enjoyed by those who just don't like lamb. We have whole and half lambs available as well as individual cuts. If you are local you can find our lamb at 2J's Fresh Market!