We think it is important to begin with the end in mind. With our goats and sheep we try to always keep in mind the end product. With the Nigerians and Icelandic's we expect sweet creamy milk and with the Boers and Icelandic's tender, juicy, flavorful meat. Charis Farm is located on 40 acres in the foot hills of the Cascade Mountains. The native grass that grows here is naturally full of the nutrients needed for raising grass fed meat and milk. With our pastures and hills there is ample room for our animals to exercise. When seasonally necessary we supplement with locally grown No GMO hay raised without the use of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. They also receive a specially formulated mineral to meet the needs of our area. All of this contributes to growing high quality breeding stock, and creates a gourmet flavor in our highly nutritious milk and meat. 


Charis Farm Icelandic Sheep And Nigerian Goats

Charis Farms
Kidding Begins

We will have Speiro and Intrepido babies first. 

Lambing Begins

We have a number of new Rams

We are expecting even more growth, milk, better fiber, and color! 

Charis Farm is committed to raising high quality productive animals. Across all 3 breeds you will find sound, fertile, functional animals. While we have strived to produce the kind that will excel in the show ring, first and foremost we expect them to be functional. That means females who settle easily, have their babies without difficulty, and have an abundance of milk. You will find our rams and bucks to be fertile and backed with genetics to produce great females. Behind every sire on our place you will find excellent ewes and does.  In our effort to raise top of the line breeding stock we have brought in bloodlines from across the country to provide elite genetics in the North West. You will find a number of  Champions in our pedigrees, as well as record breaking milk producers, and the best of the breed for meat.

Breeding For Grassfed Lamb, Milk, & Fiber in Great Falls, Montana

Icelandic Sheep & Nigerian Goats